Introducing the Art of Everyone

Art of Everything, Red Carpet Bay Area

The Art of Everyone by Brad Noble

Debuting in the Bay Area this summer is a new experiential art project called the Art of Everyone. Led by contemporary artist Brad Noble, groups or individuals are invited to participate in creating beautiful, large-scale paintings. The Art of Everyone concept combines technology and art with a goal to inspire and encourage creativity, collaboration, and art appreciation.

Rigged with a GoPro and a laser pointer, the professional artist guides a group one by one, or an individual, to paint a subject on a blank canvas. “The laser-guided pieces are the social side of my process. I stand on one side of the surface and point the laser where I want the paint,” says Noble. “We go at it for a couple of hours and see what comes out.” The reward is in the process when a sense of trust and pride of ownership takes place. Participants can choose the subject  — faces, pop art, landscapes — anything visual. The artist never touches the canvas. Rather, the student or group becomes the artist and signs the finished work. Visit the Art of Everyone website to book your next masterpiece.