How to be the Most Disliked Girl at the Party

Silent Film Star Gloria Swanson by James Abbe, 1921

How to be the most disliked girl at the party:

— Smoke
— Exude confidence rather than arrogance
— Wear the best dress
— Share facts from your latest scientific discovery or details of your latest success
— Show off your long, lean legs, skinny waist, perky, pronounced buttocks and voluptuous breasts
— Don’t make a donation to the cause
— Make the largest donation to the cause
— Pose for countless photographs
— Laugh a lot
— Dance beautifully
— Drink a lot
— Talk to the most handsome man in the room for more than five minutes
— Chat briefly with and make eye contact with every man in the room
— Be under 30

How to be the most popular girl at the party:

— Do all of the above

Silence can be sexy and mysterious, or not so much. A recent article in the New York Times discussed the RBF (Resting Bitch Face), aka BRF (Bitch Resting Face). According to Jayde Lovell, it could keep you single. From one who knows, below are tried and true tips on how to be the most liked and disliked girl at any social gathering. And below that, Lovell’s advice for changing your RBF.

Science girl Lovell’s tips to fix your RBF: