Freezing Weather, Sizzling Threads

Brian Atwood Loggins

You know those nights–when you are determined to make that patent leather mini-skirt work with the open-toe Jimmy Choos–when it is literally freezing outside! Some ideas:

Layers You Don’t Have to Ditch

Layers are an important part of warmth, and they don’t have to be bulky. An issue with traditional layers is the thought of lugging them around everywhere, or losing them on the dance floor. Instead, take a cardigan, unbutton it, and tie it up once you get inside. Or, try using leg warmers as arm warmers with your tube dress or halter-style top.

Leggings All the Way

Our legs are generally the longest extremities on our body, making them important to show off, but also very easy to freeze. Leggings allow your legs to steal the show without stealing your circulation. There are so many eye-popping, slinky, styles of leggings, that there’s no limit to the amount of mini-skirts you can keep rocking all winter long.

Keep Your Feet Warm

Keeping those lovely feet warm all winter long is crucial for overall body warmth. Even if you’re wearing leggings, open-toe shoes or sandals will be an invitation for winter chills to attack your feet and spread throughout your body. The best way to prevent this is to opt for sexy boots, and secretly wear wool socks underneath.

The Icing on the Cake

Winter wouldn’t be the same without a signature winter coat. In lieu of hoards of accessories, make your coat stand out upon your arrival. You can get as crazy as you want with the size, color and style. If you’re worried about losing the layer on a party night, try opting for a lightweight shawl that you can roll up and sneak in your purse.