CND Runway Nails at Libertine

“Nails. Fashion. Beauty.” is the tagline for CND, arguably the most innovative company in the nail care industry, co-founded by Jan Nordstom-Arnold some 35 years ago. CND pioneered nail artistry on the runway and defined nails as irresistible fashion accessories. This season, Red Carpet Bay Area spotted CND’s collaboration with Johnson Hartig‘s Libertine at New York Fashion Week. A team of seven nail artists spent over 200 hours sculpting 180 eyes and 15 sets of fluffy, flossy nails for the runway. The results: adventurous, bold, graphic, playful and memorable nails. The coolest accessories on the red carpet.

CND Runway Nails at Libertine:

CND Co-founder Jan Nordstrom Arnold explained the looks:

• Half of the models wore base nails in sleek high-shine almonds, drenched in the most famous and bestselling colors from the CND core collection…primary and secondary brights! (p.s. take the runway version of these looks and go real way by rimming the shocking base color with a skinny black or white rim to pop a graphic statement of high-key color as we did on the runway)
• The look featured hand-sculpted, elegant eye adornments affixed to base nails and created with RETENTION+® Liquid & Powder and polished to the highest shine enameled finishes using the one and only miracle invention: SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Color. The 180 sculpted eye nails and additional 33 eyes for lapels and hats were accented with 20-point clear Swarovski pupils.
• The ultimate and shockingly perfect accent color in the nail presentation was a regal, high-shine (almost foil) 24 karat, worthy of the Queen… GOLD from the CND Fall 2016 Collection! Stayed tuned…you’re going to covet this color!
• The other half of the models wore nails in contrast to the colorful graphic nails with soft, fluffy candy ‘flossies’ placed on satiny matte hard candied almonds in stark white and subtle fawn shades….so sleek and divine. The perfect and special contrast that is signature LIBERTINE!