Celebrating Love 2/14/13

Stonescape, Red Carpet Bay Area
Norah and Norman Stone at Stonescape, their home in Napa Valley

Red Carpet Bay Area caught up with two local couples celebrating their love this Valentine’s Day.

Norah and Norman Stone, together for 29 years.  Their secret, according to Norah, is a shared love of fun, contemporary art, and travel. She adds: Separate bathrooms also helps. Paula and Bandel Carano will celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary in May.

Valentine’s Day Q&A with Norah Stone:

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? We celebrate Valentine’s Day every year as a reminder of how fortunate we are to be together and to share that joy with friends and family.  Tonight we will do that with my family and some friends at a dinner party.

Which is your favorite romantic restaurant in San Francisco? Quince.  The food is great, as is the ambiance and service.

Do you exchange gifts?  A few years ago Norman took me to the Mendocino Coast for a surprise Valentine’s weekend. That was my favorite gift so far.  This year I will give Norman a Junya Watanabe jacket in a glorious blue.  I am hoping he remembered to pick up something for me. No sign of activity yet!

Valentine’s  Day Q&A with Paula Carano:

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  Yes! It’s one of our favorite excuses to be hopelessly romantic and find small and sweet ways to express thanks to one another.

Which is your favorite romantic restaurant in the Bay Area?  We love Evvia restaurant in Palo Alto and cherish the memory of meeting there on our “blind” first date. Another favorite is The Village Pub in Woodside.

What is the most memorable Valentine’s gift received from Bandel?  Cards with words from the heart are forever treasured, but the heart-shaped intense yellow diamond bracelet Bandel surprised me with for Valentine’s Day a few years ago took my breath away!

Do you give Bandel a Valentine’s gift?  He is a giver and never expects much so I like to surprise him with a practical gift which he always appreciates.  A memory book and a card with written reflections of our life together is a must.