Amazonia at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Amazonia, SF Conservatory of Flowers

Amazonia — Bring Your Wild!

On May 31st, plan to go on a wild journey deep into the Amazon rainforest, set in Golden Gate Park. Globetrotting experience designers Carina Hessmer and Red Rainey are collaborating with San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers on an event called Amazonia — Bring Your Wild! While partygoers meander, musical guests The Human Experience – David Block with Kristina Block, and violinist Shaina Evoniuk will play in the Conservatory’s forest.

Expect instrumental, symphonic and sultry beats inspired by the plants, music, food, and culture of the Amazon rainforest. Amazonia is a celebration of the largest and most biodiverse rainforest on earth. Experts in Amazonian flora and fauna will be on hand to share their experiences in the field. Experts in Amazonian flora and fauna will be on hand to share their experiences in the field. Drinks, Impossible Burgers, and delicacies from some of the Bay Area’s most talented caterers will be served. Click here for tickets.

Proceeds from the event will support San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, home to a renowned collection of Amazonian plants. This unique resource in Golden Gate Park is leveraged to educate thousands of Bay Area students about rainforests, plant adaptation, aquatic ecosystems, pollination and economic plants that we all depend on. The programs are offered for free, at no cost to schools.

Amazonia at San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Jaguar Dream VIP Experience: Enjoy an exclusive Champagne greeting and passed delicacies. Participate in a professional jungle fashion photoshoot including specialty makeup and styling. Jaguar Dream VIP ticket holders also receive the same benefits as General Admission. $150.

7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Amazonia: General admission guests receive two complimentary drinks, dine on tropical delicacies and experience an evening of music, performance, culture, science and botanical inspiration. $75.

8:15 pm – 9:15 pm Speaker Series (West Gallery)

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Pat Brown
    Topic: Another World is Possible
    Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, addresses how rebuilding the food system from plants could usher in a new age of biodiversity and planetary health

    Founded by Patrick O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., Impossible Foods is a Silicon Valley startup on a mission to make the global food system more sustainable. The first product is the Impossible Burger.  Compared to a burger made from cows, making an Impossible Burger uses about 1/20th the land, 1/4th the water, and produces 1/8th the greenhouse gas emissions.  With a brand new facility in Oakland, Impossible Foods is producing product which will eventually supply 1,000 restaurants and the Oakland A’s Stadium!  Impossible Foods will discuss its new Sustainability Report.
  •  Lou Dematteis
    Topic: Crude Reflections: Oil, Ruin, and Resistance in the Amazon Rainforest
    Lou Dematteis covers issues of social, political and environmental importance around the globe, and has documented the damaging effects of Texaco’s (now Chevron) oil exploitation and environmental contamination  in the Ecuadoran Amazon. Focusing on the heath impacts on the people of the region as a result of the contamination and the uplifting story of efforts by local communities to demand environmental justice and prevent drilling, this work can be seen in his latest book “Crude Reflections: Oil, Ruin and Resistance in the Amazon Rainforest.”
  • Dr. Lucia Lohmann
    Topic: How the Amazon Rainforest and its Biodiversity Evolved

    Lúcia Lohmann graduated from University of São Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (1995), and obtained her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics from the University of Missouri-St. Louis (1998, 2003) with a specialization in Tropical Biology and Conservation. Her primary research interest is to understand patterns of plant diversification and biogeography in the Tropics. She currently coordinates the FAPESP-NSF-NASA funded project “Assembly and Evolution of the Amazonian Biota: An integrative Approach” which aims to understand how was the Amazonian Biota assembled during the past 30 million years. Her research is highly integrative, combining components of classic taxonomy, phylogenetics, molecular biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, and conservation. A lot of her research focuses on the plant family Bignoniaceae, a key component of Amazonian forests.
  • Topher White
    Topic: Rainforest Connection: Listening Leads to Change

    Topher White is Founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection. Topher has experience building systems for large and small startups as well as international science projects, including four years working on nuclear fusion at ITER, in France. He has received multiple accolades for his work, including being named a National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2015, a current Draper-Richards-Kaplan (DRK) Fellow and an “Engineering Hero” by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Attire is exotic, jungle chic – bring your wild!


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